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Bon appetit! 3- COOKER : RBC 127 TOP LEFT Ultra-rapid 4 kW safety gas burner, with electronic ignition The hot plate can be replaced with the meat griddle TOP RIGHT 4 safety gas burners with electronic ignition front left, ultra-rapid 3. 5 kW back left, semi-rapid 1. 40 kW front right, semi-rapid 1. 40 kW back right, rapid Mijorose simmer safe burner 2. 20 kW RIGHT OVEN Electric Conventional cooking with 4 cooking functions Oven, either catalytic or superenamel Equipped with end of cooking timer Thermostat control indicator light LEFT OVEN Electric Multi-function, 7 cooking functions Pyrolytic cleaning Equipped with clock programmer for controlling the cooking and pyrolytic functions Thermostat control indicator light and pyrolytic cycle indicator -4 Section 1 An introduction to your Rosières Bocuse cooker Eager though you will be to start using your new Rosières Bocuse cooker, we advise that you take time to get acquainted: after all, this is going to be a long and creative relationship. 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ENAMEL CAST-IRON PARTS - when the cooker is cold, clean using a nonabrasive liquid detergent, rinse and wipe off with a clean dry cloth. -20 OVENS . Whatever the cleaning method, do not let fatty residues accumulate inside the oven. Never line the oven sides with aluminium foil or single-use commercial protection; this concentrates the heat causing the enamel to deteriorate. lift the hinge pins (photo 2) and pull the door upwards partially closing it until released. For installation, make sure you reposition the hinges carefully; a notch located below them (photo 3) lets you fit the hinges correctly. After the door is put back on its supports, fit the hinge pins in their initial position as in photo 4. 1: initial position with pin to bottom 2: lift the pin 3: hinge notch <------------ Removal --------------------> <----------------- Installation --------------> - Oven door glass: after each use of the oven, wipe using absorbent kitchen roll. If there is a lot of spattering, clean the glass with a sponge and detergent. - Oven lighting: Disconnect all power supplies from the oven before cleaning or replacing the bulb. The bulb and its cover are made of material resistant to high temperatures. Bulb characteristics: 230 V AC - 25 W – Base E 14 - Temperature 300°C. after replacing the defective bulb, screw back the protective glass cover. Section 4 21- LEFT PYROLYTIC OVEN Pyrolytic cleaning uses high temperatures to destroy soiling. [. . . ] The table on page 28 gives the dimension “X” in mm; it may be necessary to adjust this setting in a range +/- 1 mm to improve the flame’s appearance and quality. 1 – Top burners: To access the burner air rings, remove the burner grills and caps. The air ring is located in the extension of the burner body, and fixed with a screw. Install the various parts again. Semi-rapid or rapid burner Cote «x» Ultra-rapid burner C o te «x» "X" Section 6 27- ADJUSTING THE AIR RING 2 - Hot plate burner: The air ring is located in the extension of the burner body. Adjust the air ring according to the dimension given in the table below. [. . . ]


UneNotice offre un service communautaire de partage, d'archivage en ligne et de recherche de documentation relative à l'utilisation de matériels ou logiciels : notice, mode d'emploi, notice d'utilisation, guide d'installation, manuel technique...
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