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[. . . ] These provide a full-text search capability and allow convenient copying of text from the PDF into other documents and applications. Same as the other innovative products in the bizhub portfolio, bizhub 552/652 feature bEST, Konica Minolta's bizhub Extended Solution Technology. bEST offers a gateway to extended document capturing and distribution capabilities that make these multifunctionals ideal input tools in highvolume environments. [. . . ] Users benefit from enhanced flexibility and convenience with the immediate yet secure login via finger vein scanner or non-contact IC card. Authentication is also the precondition for follow-me printing, which takes user convenience and security aspects one step further. Not only are follow-me printing workflows ideal for confidential printing anywhere; they also facilitate print fleet optimisation. Both pull printing and secure printing are available on every bEST OpenAPI-capable system in the network. Printed information is reliably safe as only the document owner can release prints directly at the device. This simple but effective method avoids wasting paper and helps reduce print volumes ­ output trays are no longer overflowing with redundant prints that might fall into the wrong hands. Enhancedadministration The PageScope Net Care Device Manager facilitates the central implementation of system network configurations and central status monitoring. Considerably reducing administrative efforts, this application provides fast access to and simple monitoring of individual or all devices on the network, helping to maximise the uptime of all monitored equipment. Streamlined status recalls and automatic email notifications ensure instant attention to problems and help avoid any bottlenecks in printing. This maximises uptime, which in turn improves the productivity of all integrated systems and has a welcome positive impact on the overall office productivity. Automatedservice CS Remote Care is Konica Minolta's proven remote monitoring system that ensures pro-active and highly flexible service support. All relevant system data are transmitted directly to the Konica Minolta service in an automated process that never needs user intervention. The direct transmission of any technical problem from the output device to the service organisation minimises downtime and helps to avoid time-consuming service calls. Taking counter readings and relaying them to the Konica Minolta service is also a thing of the past. At the same time, CS Remote Care provides automated logistics, regularly checking consumables status and ordered stock. Manual reordering is no longer necessary; instead companies benefit from optimised work efficiency from the intelligent on-time delivery of consumables. Key features Comprehensive accounting Follow-me printing Key benefits Efficient and centralised cost control with minimised administrator effort Supports print fleet optimisation and secure printing; reduces wasted paper Time savings and enhanced productivity from central management of all networked devices Smoothly running output devices; no sudden interruptions and maximised system availability Efficient administration CS Remote Care bizhub 552/652, officesystems Important aspects for corporateinterests Completecompatibility Like the other bizhub multifunctionals in the Konica Minolta portfolio, bizhub 552/652 feature proprietary EmperonTM controller technology that ensures their seamless integration into any standard network setup and makes them compatible with virtually any customer environment. With standard PCL, PostScript 3, PDF and XPS support, the Emperon provides maximum compatibility and is CITRIX ready; its Windows drivers are WHQL certified. At the same time, bizhub 552/652 are SAP certified, with Konica Minolta a Gold Partner in the SAP Printer Vendor Programme. [. . . ] 30 sec. 1 600 x 600 dpi 256 gradations 1­9, 999 A5­A3 25­400% in 0. 1% steps; Autozooming Chapter Cover and page insertion Proof copy (print and screen) Adjustment test print Digital art functions Job setting memory Poster mode; Image repeat Overlay Stamping Copy protection nScannerspecifications Scan Speed mono/colour Scan resolution Scan modes Up to 78/78 ipm Max. : 600 x 600 dpi Network TWAIN scan Scan-to-eMail (scan-to-Me) Scan-to-FTP Scan-to-SMB (scan-to-Home) Scan-to-Box Scan-to-WebDAV Scan-to-DPWS Scan-to-USB JPEG TIFF PDF Compact PDF; Encrypted PDF Searchable PDF (optional) XPS; Compact XPS 2, 100 (single + group); LDAP support Annotation (text/time/date) for PDF; up to 400 job programs Toner system Copy/print speed A4 (mono/colour) Copy/print speed A3 (mono/colour) Autoduplex speed A4 (mono/colour) 1st copy/print time (mono/colour) Warm-up time Copy resolution Gradation Multi-copy Original format Magnification Copy functions File formats Scan destinations Scan functions nFaxspecifications Fax standard Fax transmission Super G3 (optional) Analogue i-Fax Colour i-Fax (RFC3949-C) IP-Fax Max. : 600 x 600 dpi (ultra-fine) MH; MR; MMR; JBIG Up to 33. 6 Kbps 2, 100 (single + group) Polling; Time shift; PC-Fax; Receipt to confidential box; Receipt to eMail/FTP/SMB; up to 400 job programs nPrinterspecifications Print resolution Controller CPU Page description language Operating systems Equivalent to 1, 800 x 600 dpi MPC 8533 @ 1 GHz; 64 BIT PCL 6 (PCL 5 + XL3. 0) PostScript 3 (CPSI 3017) XPS Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows XP64 Windows VISTA 32 Windows VISTA 64 Windows 7 Windows 7 64 Windows Server 2000 Windows Server 2003/2003x64 Windows Server 2008/2008x64 Windows DPWS support Macintosh 9. x Macintosh 10. x Unix Linux Citrix 80x PCL Latin 137x PostScript 3 Emulation Latin Direct print of PCL Direct print of PS Direct print of TIFF Direct print of XPS Direct print of PDF and Encrypted PDF files Mixmedia and mixplex Job programming "Easy Set" Overlay Watermark Copy Protection Fax resolution Fax compression Fax modem Fax destinations Fax functions nUserboxspecification Max. storable documents Type of user boxes 1, 000 Up to 3, 000 documents or 10, 000 pages Public Personal (with password or authentication) Group (with authentication) Secure print Encrypted PDF print Fax receiving Fax polling Reprint; combination Download Sending (email/FTP/SMB and Fax) Copy box to box Type of system boxes User box functionality nSystemspecifications System memory System hard disc Interface Network protocols Frame types Automatic document feeder Printable paper size Printable paper weight Paper input capacity Tray 1 + 2 Tray 3 2, 048 MB 250 GB 10-Base-T/100-Base-T/1, 000-Base-T Ethernet; USB 2. 0 TCP/IP (IPv4 / IPv6); IPX/SPX; NetBEUI; AppleTalk (EtherTalk); SMB; LPD; IPP; SNMP; HTTP Ethernet 802. 2; Ethernet 802. 3; Ethernet II; Ethernet SNAP Up to 100 originals; A6­A3; 35­210 gsm Reverse ADF A6­A3 full bleed; customised paper sizes Banner paper max. 1, 200 x 297 mm 64­300 gsm Standard: 3, 650 sheets Max. : 6, 650 sheets 500 sheets; A5­A3+; 64­256 gsm 1, 500 sheets; A4; 64­256 gsm Printer fonts Print functions 1 Warm up time may vary depending on the operating environment and usage Tray 4 Manual Bypass Large Capacity Cabinet (optional) Large Capacity Cabinet (optional) Automatic duplexing Finishing modes (optional) Output capacity (w. [. . . ]


UneNotice offre un service communautaire de partage, d'archivage en ligne et de recherche de documentation relative à l'utilisation de matériels ou logiciels : notice, mode d'emploi, notice d'utilisation, guide d'installation, manuel technique...
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