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[. . . ] If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: n Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. n Connect the equipment into an outlet on a different circuit from the receiver. n Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. CAUTION: The user changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user s authority to operate the equipment. For Europe Declaration of Conformity N¡ V03ECSO FAMILY: We, Marantz Europe B. V. , PO Box 8744, 5605 LS Eindhoven, The Netherlands declare under our responsibility that the Marantz product described in this user guide is in compliance with the corresponding technical standards such as EN301 489-1 of 2002-08, EN301 489-3 of 2002-08, EN300 220-1 of 2002-09 and IEC60950 of Edition 2001. Eihdhoven, The Netherland Bert Kiggen Marketing manager of Marantz Europe B. V. Dear customer, Please be informed that this carton only contains a copy of the user manual in English. [. . . ] The step is actually just a recording of the location of any button on any device page. To record an RC command, you simply navigate to the panel and button you want, then touch it. Thus, all RC commands in a Macro must first be taught to a button location first (see page 40-42). You can record a “Device Action” which is what the device button on the Device Overview page really does (see page 42). Macros Can Contain Delay and Beep Between Steps You can program a Delay/Beep as any or all of the 250 steps of a macro (see page 41). You can adjust that delay in 1/10th of a second intervals between 0. 1 and 10. 0 seconds (see page 41). User Guide 22 Customizing Your SO FAMILY 6. Programming Macros & Page Jumps You will do all of your Macro/Jump programming within a screen that will appear after you press the Macro button on the Mode menupage. Before proceeding with programming, make sure that you understand how to move around in the MACRO mode and how to read the SO FAMILY’s shorthand notation for each macro step (see page 40). 1 Write a list of all of the actions in the operation you want to record. 3 Use DELETE mode to delete all of the macro devices that you don’t like (see page 38). 4 Use ADD mode to add a new macro device empty of any programming from the device list (see page 35-36). 6 Switch to MOVE mode to re-order your macro devices, so that the most commonly used Macro devices are near the top (see page 39). Start with the remotes close together; if you receive a Failed message, move them farther apart in one inch increments. Although rare, some component remotes require a very large distance between the sending LED and the SO FAMILY’s learning eye. Test the first command from any new remote control to find the correct learning distance. Once you have found the correct learning distance, do not change it for any other button on that particular remote control. Most commands learn correctly when you press and hold them until the OK indicator appears. However, sometimes the SO FAMILY will say OK , yet the command will not operate the component properly. If this improves operation, continue to use the tap technique for all other buttons on the remote. The only buttons that you MUST use the press and hold technique for are buttons that you will press and hold when you are operating the component (i. e. The following buttons can be programmed: Soft buttons (operation page buttons, device buttons) and Hard buttons. User Guide 26 1 to 10 cm apart (0. 5 to 3. 6 inches) Reference You cannot program the buttons in the Devece Overview page directly. You have to program them using Learn device action function (see page 28). The SO FAMILY also offers empty control panel buttons which you can program and label as existing buttons. [. . . ] Please delete unneccesary devices, macros and learned commands as many as posible manually. DO NOT REVERT the SO FAMILY. When you revert the SO FAMILY, all customization which you made is lost permanently and the SO FAMILY goes back to the default configuration. s Warning User Guide 50 Troubleshooting The TV goes blank or the input source changes s The Device Overview page item might be programmed to switch the input source. The configuration file is corrupted When this very unlikely event occurs, you can use Wizz. it to upload a new configuration file. Taken into account that all your customized commands, devices, and macros will be lost and you will have to reprogram your SO FAMILY. [. . . ]


UneNotice offre un service communautaire de partage, d'archivage en ligne et de recherche de documentation relative à l'utilisation de matériels ou logiciels : notice, mode d'emploi, notice d'utilisation, guide d'installation, manuel technique...
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